Priscilla and Alex and Mariella and Jonas

Another weekend, another beautiful family. The weather has taken a turn for the chilly, but luckily on this day we got a little reprieve, which was great because we met at 7:30am and weren’t freezing!

If you’re in doubt about who is the boss, Mariella will let you know. Rambunctious and adorable, she runs the show. Her little brother Jonas is such a little big person, and I’d bet anything he’ll grow up to be a leader.

As always, I had such a fun time running around with the great family, and I can’t wait for the next session! And if you’re interested in booking a session, contact me!

Morgan and Chris and Stellan and Sebastian

Is 7:45am too early for a family photoshoot? Not for this beautiful bunch! Luckily on this day, we had just pushed the clocks back overnight, and 7:45am really felt like 8:45am, and this whole gang was bright eye-ed and bushy tailed, ready to make some photo magic!

Here’s a bit of insider information: The best time of day to shoot is when the sun is low to the horizon. As the light cuts through the atmosphere, it picks up all that golden goodness from the particles in the air, turning everything it touches into sheer gorgeousness and earning the name “golden hour”. Normally, your photographer will meet with you in late afternoon to make this happen, but if you’re willing and able (or if you’re required to because of nap schedules!) you can also get this effect in the early morning.

So, we met at at a park, did some exploring, had some fun, and just look at these photos! I sincerely hope one of these ends up as a large print in the living room!